Solubility, solved. 

Our clean label process enables water solubility of fat-soluble and insoluble ingredients at high payloads with proven stability and functionality.

Our product lineup consists of sought after ingredients ranging from Omega-3 and vitamins to carotenoids and flavour keys. We also offer bespoke solutions for large companies experiencing solubility, sensory, or bioavailability limitations with their nutrients and molecules.


Our Infusd process opens a world of nutritional possibility.

Your Secret Ingredient

Add functional ingredients seamlessly to your products. Our process creates new possibilities and removes previous barriers facing consumer-friendly product development.

Plays Well with Others

Creating water-soluble nutrients presents a world of possibility to develop a wide range of products without compromising consumer appeal in many categories.

Increased Bioavailability

Enhanced solubility means greater bioavailability for nutrient additives, which means maximum daily requirements can be achieved with less ingredients per serving.


Easily add functional ingredients to a wide variety of food & beverage applications.

Functional Beverages

  • Healthy Juice Blends and Teas
  • Carbonated Drinks and Kombucha
  • Functional Alcoholic Beverages

Supplements & Vitamin Preparations

  • Liquid Vitamin Preparations
  • Meal Replacement Drinks
  • Vitamin Waters 

Functional Snacks & Health Foods

  • Yogurt with Benefits
  • Frozen Specialties
  • Plant-based Seafood

Have a fat-soluble or insoluble nutrient you’d like to be water-soluble? We can help.